Address: 2841 Hartland Rd #403, Falls Church, VA 22043,

Phone: (571) 354-6936

sonia marie massage therapy falls church va

Welcome to Sonia Marie Massage Therapy

Massage therapy done with intention.

Meet Sonia Marie.

I have been working alongside a chiropractor, completed two years of schooling in Massage Therapy, and continue to delve into research and studies on my own terms.

I’m a Yoga teacher and I personally participate in strength training, with that I am able to provide insight on what you can do to actively participate in your healing, too. With all that said, I am able to offer more than just a hands on approach. I offer knowledge and hope for my clients struggling with pain and work along side them.

My approach is medical, giving your body the attention it needs, but I am also focused on your needs and will adjust the experience and customize each massage to you. Communication between client and therapist is GOLDEN.

I am immensely passionate in the well-being of others and very intentional with the way I approach healing and bodywork. Not only do I consider myself an educated health care professional, I also have an innate ability to make others feel comfortable, heard, and cared for.

I have had the opportunity to work on touring Musicians and Acts, including the Moscow Nutcracker Ballet cast, and volunteered in the Marine Corp Marathon as a Massage Therapist.
sonia marie massage process

Your well-being is top priority.

I will not keep you on my table time and time again if improvements cannot be made in my hands. I will be honest and communicative if I feel there may be a better option for you out side of my services. I do my best to check in and to be available for helpful suggestions. I am here to be a service of others to help increase optimal health, any way possible.

— Sonia

Working from Head to Toe.

Listed below are many injuries I have worked on with my clients, including, but not limited to;
Along with assist in lack of mobility or just shit posture!

I’m feeling really good, truthfully I didn’t really think I would notice a difference, but I definitely do.


Overall feeling great, my range of motion is so much better, too. I actually feel like I can move


I have a new shoulder!


I’m so appreciative of you ma’am. You started me on a sweet path to healing. I was able to create in the studio vocally again (for the first time in a long while). I’ll be back to see you soon. Bless you for being healing in living form.



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